About us

VuduSurf shop has been operating in the Cape Town CBD since 2001 and has established itself as an authentic surf store that is proudly Cape Townian. Its become a center for surf culture to gather in Cape Town, always a great place to find out where the waves are, discuss boards, access the best wetsuits perfectly designed for the cold cape waters and most of all, get those nasty dings repaired.

In the shop you will find a large selection of the Vudu surfboards, as well as second hand boards, wetsuits for men, woman and groms, board shorts, towels, bodyboards, fins, skegs, sunblock, balance boards, caps, hoodies, t-shirts and of course.. surf wax.

VuduSurf has a fully functioning factory in Salt River where master craftsman, Jeremy Fowks shapes the Vudu boards to perfection. His team is highly adapted to provide expert glassing, spray jobs and custom modifications.

Open Monday to Saturday, there is always someone keen to provide an insightful pearls of wisdom in what you need to stay warm and get barreled.

Stay Surfing

Robby McDonald
Robby McDonaldOwner
Robby is lucky enough to be a second generation Surf Board Manufacturer and Surf Shop Owner.

Surfing is in his family’s blood. His father Ian McDonald was one of the founders of the Gunston 500 Surfing Competition. He also pioneered the first Surf Shop in Durban – Surf Centre.

His uncle, Rod McDonald, is the top Surfboard foam blower in South Africa.

Robby’s love and knowledge of the ocean and surfing has afforded him the ability to make the surf lifestyle his passion and career. Vudu Surf was established in 2000 and has been providing quality products and service to the Cape Town surf community ever since.

Jeremy Fowks
Jeremy FowksShaper
I work closely with Vudu Surfboards in Cape Town. Where I have developed models and designs for Vudu and personally shaped more than 4000 Vudu surfboards.  I have learnt a huge amount from Robby McDonald, who has had a big influence on my overall shaping skills. I have shaped around 7000 boards over the years.