4 12, 2015

Vudu Groms!!

Greetings Vudu Tribe!!vudu-doll-200


Beat the cold with the Vudu Surf Kiddies Wetsuits


Pull in to Vudu Surf and we can make sure you get the best wet suit at the most reasonable price!


Stay Stoked, only a surfer knows the feeling…

Vudu Surf Wet Suit Focus – Ladies’ Wet Suits

Gvudu-doll-200reetings Vudu Tribe…

With summer on the way and the South Easter chilling the waters, staying warm is the number one priority. Vudu Surf are Cape Town’s number 1 wet suit specialists, providing the largest range of wet suits from all the top brands […]

12 10, 2015

Vudu Surf School

vudu-doll-200Greetings Vudu Tribe…

 With summer out of the way and prime surfing season in Cape Town approaching, now is the time to brush up on your skills and join the  Vudu Surf School.

The Vudu Surf School provides the ultimate first time […]

20 08, 2015

Surfing Wet Suits For Youths

Greetings Vudu Tribe! vudu-doll-200

With Spring finally upon us, September holidays and Nipper season fast approaching, you should be thinking about getting back into the water which down here in the Cape will mean finding a way to beat the cold buy getting yourself a […]

27 11, 2013

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