Ding repair Service

From a Ding to a Crease or a Snap we will have you back in the water in no time. We fix all polyester or epoxy Surf Craft and specialize in Custom Spray Designs.

All Vudu Surfboard owners receive a 25% discount off all ding repairs on Vudu Surf Boards, over a minimum of R100.

Discount structure:
Excluding snaps and creases.

R1000+                       10% discount

R800                            5% discount

R600                           2.5% discount

We supply and fit All makes of Fin Systems!

Small              Crack, no Fill                R 150.00 Size – 20mm diameter

Medium          Crack, no fill                 R 250.00 Size – 50mm diameter

Large              Crack, no Fill                R 400.00 Size – 85 mm diameter

Small               Fill & Cloth                  R 200.00 Size – 20mm diameter

Medium          Fill & Cloth                   R 300.00 Size – 50mm diameter

Large               Fill & Cloth                  R 500.00 Size -85mm x 50mm

Glass on           Reset                           R 350.00 + price per fin (+R150.00)

Reinforce                                              R 150.00 per side

Prep Surface, insert Foam                   R 150.00

Fin System:

Gas/Scarfini     Reset    per plug            R 200.00 + (R100.00) plug

FCS Old           Reset    per plug            R 200.00 + (R100.00) plug

Prep Surface, insert Foam                     R 150.00

Future  Box      Reset                              R 300 + plug price (R200)

FCS Fusion


Fins available: Starting from R 400.00 per set (Scarfini or Gas Nylon) or R200.00 per fin loose.

Fin upgrades start from R500.00 for a set FCS Nylons.

Gas plugs are R100.00 each.

Fin keys are  R 50.00 each.

F.cs keys are R60.00 each.

Screws are   R25.00 each.

Reset    R200 + R100 per plug

no major reset of rocker.

Short board full:            Nose                                    R 450.00 1 foot down

Crease                          Tail      (Fin fix extra)           R 450.00 1 foot up

Centre                                R 600.00

All mini-mals / long boards and kneeboards standard R 650.00 for crease.

Short board Half:          Nose                                         R 300.00 1 foot down

Crease                           Tail                  (Fin fix extra)    R 350.00 1 foot up

Centre                                      R 450.00

All Mini-Mals, Long Boards and Kneeboards standard R650.00 for half crease.

Top/bottom short board                                  R900 + sand

Top/bottom long board                                    R1200 + sand

Short board                                             R500 per rail

Long board                                              R850.00 per rail

Short board                  Nose                                         R 600.00 1 foot up

Crease                          Tail                  (Fin fix extra)    R 600.00 1 foot down

Centre                                     R 850.00 with dowel

All mini mals and kneeboards standard R 1000.00 for snap anywhere.

All long boards R1100.00.

All relaying of delaminated cloth tears during snap are charged according to size start at R200p/m.

R400.00 for tail work.

Paint Removal:
Full Board                                                   R300.00

Removal                                                    R100.00

Finishes extra charge:

Gloss finish charged according to area (quote to size) +- R 60.00 per ding area.

Spray design charged according to size and complexity(quote to size & colours) – Min R100.00.

Clear lacquer finish also charged according to size (+- R 60.00 per ding area).

Terms and Conditions

While every care is taken to safe guard and transport your surfboard while in repair,  VuduSurf  will not be held responsible for theft, fire or transportation damage while in our possession, we will repair any damage done by us  no charge .

Due to the nature of the ocean, repairs cannot be guaranteed against breakages.

Repairs to be finished within 10 working days (excluding weekends, train strikes and public holidays).

Repairs not collected within 1 month of repair will be charged a storage fee of R100 per week.

Board bags, fins and leashes will not be accepted for storage while board is in repair, lost leashes ,board bags  and fins are not our responsibility, while your surfboard is in repair