Vudu Surf Lessons

Vudu Surf offers surfing and SUP lessons for beginner and intermediate surfers in small groups from one to five people, across a variety of package options (see below).

Your Vudu Surf adventure will take you to some of Cape Town’s most spectacular beaches. Our expert surf instructors will guarantee that your surfing progresses in leaps and bounds – and that you will end up absolutely stoked and smiling from ear to ear.

We select the Cape Peninsula beach with the most optimal surf conditions to suit your ability on the day of your lesson.Our experienced surf instructors will teach you the basics of the following aspects of surfing:

  • Ocean awareness
  • Water safety
  • Surf etiquette
  • Surfing techniques
  • Surf lifestyle and culture

Lesson Plans

Learn to Surf: Basic Package

We offer five lessons, bookable within a six month period.

Lessons must be booked in a group and are subject to suitable weather conditions and availability of our instructors.
Lessons are two hours long

Bring your own vehicle please, as no transport or collections will be provided for our basic package.

Cost: R1000 for five lessons

Ladies Special

This is a monthly group half-day lesson that can be pre-booked by sms on the day.

Cost: R150 per lesson

Individual or Group Lessons

Are you in need of a personal surf trainer? Perhaps you want to focus solely on improving your performance? Or maybe you would like to gift a surf lesson to someone special? Then a once off Vudu Surf lesson is for you. 

Transport and equipment will be provided by VuduSurf.


Individual: R650 per person

Dual: R600 per person

Four: R500 person

Surf Guides

Vudu Surf also offer a custom surf guide package for visitors to new to the wonders of surfing Cape Town. Let our knowledgeable surf guides take you to the best and most suitable waves the peninsula has to offer for all skill levels on any given day.

Vudu Surf Lessons Terms and Conditions:

  • Booking is essential and must be made 48 hours in advance, with a 24-hour refundable cancellation.
  • You need to be a competent swimmer and not overstate your ability in the water as we are here to teach you to surf or surf better according to your level of ability, not to show you how to breastroke. 
  • Always bring sunscreen and apply liberally throughout the day.
  • The Mother Ocean and natural environment of the Cape Peninsula is moody and unpredictable, so Vudu Surf cannot be held responsible for changing weather, bluebottle stings, shark bites, grumpy seals, devil winds, bad waves, crappy sandbanks or ice cream headaches.
  • All surf lessons are conducted at your own risk and Vudu Surf will not be held liable or responsible for any personal equipment damage or injury incurred during a surf lesson.
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