vudu-doll-200Greetings Vudu Tribe!

With so many shapes and variations available it can often be tricky to find your perfect board in between them all. Knowing what you are looking for can often make the difference between a good board and the RIGHT board. Vudu Surf has been in the business of surfing and surfboards for over 15 years as well as having over 35 years of combined experience. Our quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed; with one of the best surfboard shapers in South Africa, expert glassers and top spray artists, all with years of experience. Together we guarantee to find and create the perfect board for whatever you need. So let’s look at the features and find what’s best for you!

Today’s “Surfboard Focus” we’re looking at the Vudu Beach Break Model:


The Vudu Beach Break generally from 5’4″ to 6’4″. A reliable, all-round, high-performance shortboard. With a slightly fuller nose plan shape and a 5inch squash tail with medium rocker and shallow single into double concave, which  allows for great direction change for top to bottom surfing in all beach break conditions, onshore or offshore.

The Beach Break is most comfortable in softer more mushier waves rather than hollow waves. A major reason for this is the squash tail, the harder edge as opposed to a continuous curve throughout the board allows the board to pivot very easy letting you surf top to bottom as well as hop up on to lips and across sections. This is why it is very popular with high-performance surfers. The Beach Break is also the board that can take you from a more beginner-intermediate level to a more advanced level, allowing you to progress as a surfer.


“The Beach Break is exceptional. It is light, , responsive, maneuverable, drivey and fast. The amount of paddle power that is gained by the slightly fuller nose is amazing, very often I would find myself thinking that the wave would slip by (if I were on any of my other boards) but then glide in almost effortlessly! I’ve ridden the board extensively at Betty’s Bay, Long Beach, Milnerton and Lllandudno and the board has excelled in each session.” – Vudu Teamrider: Ross Kirby 

    Ross Beach Break




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