Project Description

GUL Response Ladies 4/3 BS

The Gul Response Ladies 4/3 wetsuit is one of our most popular wetsuits. Blindstitched construction for reduced flush, X-Flex super stretch upper body panels giving you over 100% stretch. Mesh chest and back panels stop wind-chill while D-Flex lower body panels keep you warmer for longer. Durable Powertex4 knees designed to resist the harshest of elements while providing maximum flexion. This suit gives flexibility and durability at a price that is affordable. Just like our top-level suits. Featuring ladies cut and styling.


Thickness: 4/3mm

Seams: GBS (Glued and Blindstitched)

Zipper: Back Zip

Hood: None


Product Features

  • BLINDSTITCHED: Seam construction
  • X-FLEX: 150% super-stretch
  • D-FLEX: durable lower body panels
  • PRO NECK: seam free neck seal
  • MESH: chest & back
  • POWERTEX4: knees for flexibility & durability
  • PK BLACKOUT: water lock zip
  • Non-petroleum based neoprene
  • One piece lumber panel

VUDU PRICE between R2500 and R3000 (size depending)