Project Description

Quiksilver Highline 2017 LFS Chestzip

Enjoy the best technology developed so you can surf longer with the Highline Performance 4/3mm wetsuit. Perfect for temperatures between 12°C-16°C/54°F-61°F this chest zip full wetsuit is loaded with our cold-water expertise. Air cells in the F’N lite neoprene give the lightest of lightweight heat and flexibility while Warmflight thermal lining retains body heat and generates infrared energy for longer lasting insulation via unique mineral-enriched fibers. Sealing the wetsuit from leaks and flushing is taken care of by the ultrathin and stretchy Hydrolock and Red Seal seam technology. Surf in the Highline Performance 4/3mm and experience the best of team-inspired technology.


  • FN lite neoprene packed with air cells for the lightest of lightweight warmth
  • Thermal Smoothie Neoprene: Flexible and wind & water repellent to keep you warmer
  • Warmflight thermal lining – far infrared technology
  • Glued & blind stitched (GBS) seams that reduce sew throughs & water entry to keep you warmer
  • Hydrolock seam seal system for thinner, lighter & more flexible seams, sealed with liquid tape to prevent leaks
  • Redsealseam is a thin, ultra-light & flexible seam sealant that gives water tight reinforcement
  • Flush Lock 2.0 Seals help prevent flushing through the wrists and ankles
  • Chest zip entry system
  • Water-Block Semi Dry Zip with coated, off-set teeth to create a watertight seal that minimizes zip flush
  • Ecto-Flex Knee pads, durable, lightweight & flexible to protect you & your board
  • Suitable for suggested water temperatures of 12 °C – 16 °C / 54 °F – 61 °F
  • This is a guide only: weather, sensitivity to the cold and conditions at your local break will affect temperatures and choice of equipment.

VUDU PRICE: R7500 // 2017  R8000