Project Description

Vudu Big Boy Pro-1 Swallow Tail

From 5’2” to 6’4”

The Vudu Big Boy Pro-1 Swallow Tail is desgned for heavy guys over 95 Kgs. This board allows you to generate maximum speed and to throw yourself into the most critical turns, past vertical, for performance turns with loads of spray.

Surf it in hollow conditions for great hold off the bottom and into that gaping barrels and then throw it into that huge round house cutback at your local point break , great hold and turn, it does however not like choppy onshore conditions .

Suited to performance surfers in clean conditions.


Under 5’10″: 

  • R5430 (including nylon fins)

Up To 6’4″: 

  • R5550,00 (including nylon fins)