Project Description


From 5’8″ to 6’6″

A shorter thicker stumpier fuller Fish board with a Quad-Fin or Twin-Fin set-up with a loads of drive and speed, we designed the Vudu Fish for really weak onshore waves so that you have a small board board with lots of foam underneath you to allow you to get going in tiny waves.
This board also works really well at point breaks and for older guys who need a little help catching weak waves.

A great board for the Weekend Surfer who likes to catch loads of waves!


Under 5’10″: 

  • R5050,00 (excluding fins, excluding Spray > extra of R600)

Under 6’5″: 

  • R5430,00 (excluding fins, excluding Spray > extra of R700)

Up To 6’6″: 

  • R5550 (excluding fins, excluding Spray > extra of R800)