Vudu Surfboards

EST 2001

The pride of Vudu Surf is our wide range of Surfboards.

Vudu surf has been hand crafting custom surfboards for over 20 years, with hundreds of repeat riders , our master shaper, Jeremy Fowlkes, mows Vudu Surfboards to sublime perfection.

Our experienced factory team provide top quality sanding, glassing, and finishing, as well as personalised spray jobs and other custom modifications and the fastest Ding repair in town.

From high performance shortboards, to fun retro fishes, entry level surfboards and high polished pigmented longboards, we have a model to suit you.

Pick one off the rack, place a custom order, or check out our great selection of second-hand boards to suit your ability and budget, trade ins accepted ,we offer a high quality ding repair service.

Keep surfing !